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Nutella is a love brand –it even has its own international day proclaimed by fans! How could it take profit –in sales terms– of that love?

At that time, Coca-Cola Australia was selling cans with names and words with great results. Nutella’s Brand Manager showed us that reference and said: «I want to improve it: I want to let people choose any name or any word and give them, for free, the sticker, so they have to buy Nutella to have their customized jar». So we started working.

We developed a microsite in which people accessed, wrote the name they wanted and introduced their data in order to receive, in two weeks, the customized sticker. We included a words’ black list to avoid insults and trolls. We sent weekly all the information directly to the sticker production company. We managed incidents and attended users through Nutella social channels. The first day, we ran out of stickers in less than 2 hours. We increased the daily number of stickers from 500 to 1.000. For some special days, we increased it until 10.000.

But did this promotion reach its goal? That year, for the first time, Nutella was the most sold chocolate spread in Spain. And the brand kept on doing the promotion for years not only in Spain, but in several countries as well.