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Proactive project sold to JOYclub.
The lockdown was tough. However, as any crisis, it brought some opportunities. For instance, a lot of us did things for the first time. In my case, I did cook. Other people, like some of those who are single and didn’t have a chance of having sex during weeks, used apps such as Tinder, Bubble or Joyclub –not joking; they registered an increase in users’ numbers– and practiced sexting. And a lot of them discovered that it can be fun and arousing!

We wanted people who dared enjoying sex respecting social distance to remember those moments once the lockdown was over. That’s why we created ‘Dirty Chat’, a series of animated content that recreates some of the hottest conversations VICE’s audience shared with us.

We selected and adapted the conversations to add JOYclub messages and redirected users to the platform encouraging them to join it.